Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust Governor Elections

Posted by ajewson on January 9, 2013

Elect Governors in January

Elections for the Council of Governors for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust take place during January 2013. Ballot papers will be sent to all members from 4 January, with the closing date for return of forms set as 29 January at 5pm.

There will be contested elections in all four public constituencies and in three of the four staff constituencies.

There will be no contested election in the Healthcare Assistants and Support Staff constituency, so staff within this area will not receive ballot forms. The two nominated candidates in this constituency, Angela Aboagye and Sammy Lee Sherlock, will therefore be elected unopposed as Governors.

Governor Application Statement for Alastair Jewson:

I am a qualified business professional specialising in procurement and have had over 20 years' experience in strategic roles within large organisations. I am now self-employed and support Adult Social Care businesses to develop their businesses. This means I have become very familiar with the health and social care sector and the issues people face on both sides.

As someone living outside Birmingham, I have used and value the specialist services offered to those in the wider region, and appreciate how important these services are to those who might not live in the immediate area.

In previous work roles I have been able to work with service providers to monitor and improve the quality of care delivered, and to develop new personalised services which meet the needs of those who need them the most.

My personal experiences and observations of supporting my daughter to receive orthodontic treatment at the Dental Hospital, and helping my ageing parents to recover from illness, has also given me more valuable insight in to what patients, carers, and staff have to cope with, and how stressful that can be.

If I am elected as a Public Governor I will be looking to ensure that:

  • Patients and Trust Members have a voice and are able to feedback useful information that can improve services.
  • The trust meets its commitments to the general population and stakeholders.
  • Staff are well supported to perform their role.
  • And all services strive to improve, for the benefit of the whole region.