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AJ Procurement is an independent procurement consultancy

AJP specialises in sectors aiming to supply the public sector, especially but not limited to the social care market. The company is able to provide a range of services which are based around the procurement cycle, and aims to help suppliers and providers of services to understand 'buyer' requirements, to negotiate contract and tendering processes to win new business, and develop strategically.

A tailor-made solution

All clients are different. AJP is happy to offer a flexible service which respects the different requirements in terms of costing, and delivery.

After initial discussions all clients receive a consultancy agreement detailing the work to be completed, costs, etc. this ensures clarity, accountability, and transparency for all parties.

All work is completed in line with
The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply's Code of Ethics.

Typical services include:

Analysing the current situation.
Reviewing customer or local needs.
Understanding national and local strategy.
Exploring market and competitor activity.
Gap analysis.
Identifying & allocating resources.
Ensuring service delivery meets needs.
Relationship management.
Monitoring and review.