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As more and more buying organisations adopt 'category management' models, and develop their procurement skills, they are becoming more aware of market issues and the factors that have an impact on price and quality, which in turn leads to better decisions for buyers, and pressures on suppliers to deliver more for less.

Purchasing staff who never look beyond meeting the current daily requirements are missing out on the opportunity to make the business more competitive and cost effective, because market analysis...

a) helps forecast demand for a service or product,
b) helps forecast price trends which may impact on sourcing decisions,
c) helps indicate alternative goods and services, and competitor activity,
d) helps business continuity and security relating to supply sources,
e) helps to provide information relating to pricing.

AJ Procurement has been able to provide its expertise and knowledge to help clients identify the market issues relating to proposed service developments, and give them options to consider in moving the business forward.