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A tender or bid is a formal offer to supply goods or services for an agreed price. Normally tenders are based on a specification of requirements dictated by the buyer, or the supplier is invited to submit solutions to meet specific needs.

Despite the Government's desire to reduce the amount of 'red tape' for SME's, it is still not possible for businesses to go to one source of information for all tender activity across the public sector, and it is easy to miss opportunities or not have enough time to complete the documentation.

AJP is able to support clients by monitoring and sourcing tender opportunities, accessing documentation, advising and assisting on completing the process.

The tendering process can also be used to monitor changes in demand requirements, service developments, and new trends which can be used to develop the business.

Tendering is based on the principles of competition, fairness, transparency, and probity, and is governed by a range of legislative and procedural requirements.